Jeffrey Sanders has been performing on the live stage since he was (not quite) old enough to talk his way into nightclubs.

Starting out in the rough-and-tumble New Wave rock scene, he quickly branched out into jazz, R&B and live musical theater.

While attending Youngstown State Univerity's acclaimed Dana School of Music, Jeff performed with Tony Leonardi's highly respected YSU Jazz Ensemble,

Delving into classical techniques, Jeff excelled at baroque, classical and 20th-century concert music, eventually playing with the Youngstown Symphony Orchestra.

Meanwhile Jeff performed regularly performed withhis own original rock band, the Sharkbites, recording three albums and garnering airplay on callege and local radio stations.

Jeff's skills as an arranger and bandleader led to his appointment to the position of Musical Director for the popular Easy Street theater company. With Easy Street, Jeff became a regular in the performing company, often leaving the orchestra pit behind to sing and play guitar solos on the stage.

Moving to Reno, Nevada in 2000, Jeff played with many favorites of the casino circuit, such as the Lawrence Welk orchestra, the Al Martino orchestra, the Diamonds and the Coasters.

Nevada also gave Jeff opportunities to perfect the funky rhythms and smooth touches of contemporary R&B, regularly gigging with Reno favorites the Steppin' Stones.

From searing rock-n-roll solos and rhythm guitar to powerful bass and tasteful vocals, great live performance comes naturally to Jeffrey Sanders.